Luncheon Committee Members


The following people are on the luncheon committee.  There are lots of additional jobs that need filling; please contact Pat Lee and volunteer!

Overall ChairmanRuth Kern with Jean Kerstetter
AssistingKathleen Hawryluk
Tina Nicholson
Demonstration ChairmanJune Rickard
Reservations ChairmanStephanie English
Silent Auction ChairmanKathleen Hawryluk
Raffle ChairmanRuth Kern

We need volunteers for the following jobs:

  • Silent Auction chair (1 person)
    • Auction workers (7-8 people)
  • Raffle ticket sales (2-3 people)
  • Registration table (2-3 people)
  • Cashiers at end of luncheon (3 people)
  • People to donate auction items
  • People to donate arrangements in containers for auction (up to 20 arrangements needed)