Table Arrangements by Members

Marcia Connors needs at least 20 people to bring an arrangement for our luncheon tables .  Contact Marcia Connors and volunteer to bring one.  All arrangements must be in place no later than 9:45AM.  You will be assigned a specific table number to place your arrangement.  We try to have your arrangement at the same table where you will be sitting.

Luncheon Table Arrangements

Mary MelvinJean Kerstetter
Jane BuenzDiane Schmidt
Perla ChungNancy Peterson
Michelle Heuschen
Kasia Petchel
Daniela KlecanJean Lemmon
Hanne MonostoryMartha Dykman
Betty Magella
Nancy Flatau
Gail DukeMarcia Connors
Maureen HickeySally Donnells
Carol BrocklesbyMargy Metzler
Jessica TesarikKristi Perrow
As inspiration, take a look at
these arrangements from  our 2018 luncheon