It might be sweet.  It might be savory.  Whatever it is – it is always delicious.

Below are those members who have signed up to bring something to our meetings for us to enjoy during our social hour.  Sally Donnells, is the Hospitality Chair.

Meeting DateVolunteers
Nov. 9Carol Brewer, Nancy Flatau, Kathy Standinger
Dec. 5 (Tea)Contact Jessica Tesarik and tell her what you will bring!
Jan. 9Chase Carrick, Loris Dallal, Martha Dykman, Dolores Schwitzer
Feb. 6Jean Kerstetter, Betty Magella, Nancy Peterson. We need one more - please contact Sally Donnells and volunteer
Mar. 6Cindy Barnowski, Mary Melvin, Helen Shavlik, Sandra Witherington
April 3Cindy Barnowski, Carol Brocklesby, Perla Chung, Helen Shavlik
May 1Carol Brewer, Gail Duke, Deborah Meeson-Vige