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    The Naples Chapter of Ikebana International is about the art of Japanese flower arranging and so much more. We celebrate nature in flower arranging, the interesting and different cultures of Japan, and "Friendship through Flowers," which is our motto.

    The Naples Chapter is one of the larger chapters in the United States with about 80 members. We generally meet the first Wednesday of the months of November through May at Naples Botanical Gardens. Our meetings are open to the public. For more information about meetings and programs click here.




    You are welcome to attend any two of our monthly meetings as our guest. Simply send us an email and let us know you are coming. Interested in joining? Click the "Membership Information" in red below which will take you to the membership section.





    Ikebana International Exhibit

    February 18-20, 2022, Friday-Sunday 

    The Joy of Reconnecting 


    Come enjoy the Japanese art of flower arranging…and so much more:

    -Ikebana arrangements from several schools of ikebana

    -Demonstrations in the garden each day at noon, one and two o’clock ,       plus one at three o’clock on Sunday 

    -Sogetsu Bamboo Sculpture

    -Children’s activity each day from 10:30-12:00

    -Ginza sale of containers, floral art tools, Japanese items

    -Opportunity to sign up for classes

    -A beautiful day in the garden!


    Admission to the exhibit is free, but you will have to pay an entrance fee to enter the Naples Botanical Garden unless you are already a member of the Garden or Ikebana Naples.






    Our annual luncheon on Wednesday, March 23 at the Club at the Strand, Naples, requires advance reservations and payment. Guests are welcome. If you would like to attend send an email to Ikebananaples@gmail.com



  • Meetings and Events

    Join Us for "Friendship through Flowers"


    We meet monthly, November through May, at the Naples Botanical Garden in the Buehler Auditorium which is part of the the FGCU Research Center (map below). Our programs start with a small social period followed by a short business meeting and then our monthly program which often incorporates a workshop. The workshop is open to anyone who makes a prior reservation by emailing us at kebananaples@gmail.com. There is usually a nominal materials charge for the workshop.


    Ikenobo.       Stephanie English

    Kado Sensho Ikenobo............Margy Metzler

    You do not have to be a member of the Naples Botanical Garden or pay an entrance fee to attend our meetings. Please check out our monthly programs and experience the joy of ikebana and "Friendship through Flowers." If you are not a member of our chapter, but wish to attend any of our programs or events, with the exception of the "Members Only" events, please let us know you are coming by sending an email to ikebananaples@gmail.com.


    Our meeting time schedule is:

    • 9:30 AM - Friendship through Flowers social period
    • 10:00 AM - Business Meeting
    • 10:30 - Program
    • 11:30 - Workshop






    October 6, 2021

    Private Tour Behind the Scenes @ The Naples Botanical Garden

    10:00 AM


    Members Only


    We will be special guests of the Naples Botanical Garden touring seldom seen parts of the Garden. This will include a walk and “golf cart rides” to the Lake Trail including the Birding Tower and the new Evanstad Horticultural Campus which is now under construction. Reservations required in advance for members.

    To make a reservation email us at Ikebananaples@gmail.com

    November 10, 2021

    Organizational Meeting: Welcome back to Ikebana #160


    An organizational meeting including the introduction of new members, installation of new officers and a fun Ginza (an opportunity for members, guests and the public to purchase Ikebana flower arranging supplies including containers, cutting & sharpening tools, kenzans, and much more.) A hospitality table and an opportunity to socialize with friends new and old are included. Guests welcome when they pre-register.


    December 1, 2021, 9:30-11:30

    Schools of Ikebana: Exploring the Variety of Sogetsu


    The first of four schools of Ikebana represented in the Naples Chapter will be presented by Carol Brocklesby and other Sogetsu sensei. There will be a demonstration and a workshop so members, guests and the public can experience Sogetsu. Handouts, information on lesson times and costs will be provided. There will be a nominal charge for the workshop, but no charge to attend the meeting. Please register for the workshop by emailing ikebananaples@gmail.com. Guests welcome when they pre-register.


    January 12, 2022,  9:30-12:30
    Schools of Ikebana: The Beauty of Ohara


    The second school of Ikebana will be presented by sensei Kaoru Sweet and her students. Kaoru will create beautiful Ohara designs and following the demonstration there will be a workshop for those members, guests and the public who choose to participate. Handouts, information on lesson times, and costs will be shared. There will be a nominal charge for the workshop, but no charge to attend the meeting. Please register in advance for the workshop by emailing ikebananaples@gmail.com


    February 2, 2022, 9:30-12:30

    Schools of Ikebana: Twice the Fun – an Ikenobo presentation by Stephanie English and her students


    In an effort to dispel the myth about Ikenobo and its rules, Sensei Stephanie and some of her students will demonstrate how Ikenobo is different from our other ikebana schools, but also show you how you can have twice the fun by using containers with two openings or two kenzans in a suiban. Students will bring their own container and line material. Flowers will be provided. There will be a nominal charge for the workshop, but not a charge to attend the meeting.

    Please register in advance for the workshop by emailing ikebananaples@gmail.com




    March 2, 2022, 9:30-12:30

    Schools of Ikebana: Ichiyo School - Group Contrast


    Jeanne Houlton is an Ichiyo Master who resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. She will share the beauty of her art through demonstration. Jeanne follows the principle of “less is more.”

    In the Ichiyo style, the flower arrangements are in harmony with the various spaces in areas of the home. There will be a workshop for members, guests and the public following the presentation. Students will bring their own container, straight and curved line material and flowers. There will be a nominal charge for the workshop and to attend the demonstration.

    Please register in advance for the workshop by emailing ikebananaples@gmail.com


    April 6, 2022 9:30-12:30

    A Look Behind the Scenes at Japan’s Cultural Treasures


    Ikebana #160 members will share their experiences living in Japan. Some of the traditions important to everyday living in Japan will be explained through the eyes of members who have experienced first-hand the beauty this ancient culture has to offer. Some of the topics will be the tradition of the tea ceremony, art of kimono dressing and toys for all ages.


    May 4, 2022 9:30-12:30

    Ikebana "Wrap-up Party"


    The Chapter will end the season on a festive note! New officers will be installed, a slide presentation of the events of the year will be viewed, and Japanese treats will be served.





    February 18-20, 2022

    Annual Exhibit of Members' Arrangements 

    in Kapnick Hall of Naples Botanical Garden


    March 23, 2022

    Luncheon at the Strand.

    Guests welcome


  • Directions to Buehler Auditorium, Naples Botanical Garden. The Buehler Auditorium is located off the Staff Parking area.
    Here is a photo of the entrance which is on the right side of this sidewalk.

  • Membership

    Learn more about ikebana with us...


    Our requirements for joining are simple. First, you must attend one of our meetings, be they in person or on Zoom. You are welcome to attend any two of our meetings as our guest.

    Annual dues of $90 per year ($30 after Feb. 1) are collected by March 31st of every year. We also offer associate memberships at $40 per year for anyone belonging to another Ikebana International Chapter.

    Ikenobo............Stephanie English

    If you would like to know more about joining our organization, please contact us and our membership chairman will get in touch with you and invite you to any of our meetings. 

    Then, if you decide to join, download the application form using the link below, print it, fill it out, contact us again, and our membership chairman will give you mailing instructions. 


    Click here for application form


    We find that our members enjoy their membership more when they take an active role in our organization and participate in one of our many committees and activities. Please let us know how you would like to participate by indicating your area of interest on the membership application. 


    Membership benefits include:


    Naples Chapter Meetings – these meetings provide a regular forum for members to study, exhibit, and participate in ikebana demonstrations. Luncheons, flower arranging demonstrations, special tours and lectures on related arts are other typical program activities.


    Ikebana International Magazine – Issued three times a year with color plates of ikebana arrangements and other articles about Japanese arts and culture.


    Regional Conference/World Conventions – Regional conferences are held for cultural and educational purposes throughout the world. A World Convention is held in Japan every five years. Conferences also take place throughout Europe. If you are traveling in North America, check out other ikebana chapters; you are welcome to join their meetings. The Ikebana International website has all the details on future conferences.


    Availability to enjoy ikebana lessons in the Ikenobo School, the Kado Sensho School, the the Ohara School, and the Sogetsu schools of ikebana. You do not, however, have to be an I.I. #160 member to take lessons. 


    Opportunity to attend our annual members only tea in December and to place an arrangement(s) in our exhibit in February of each year. 



    Click on these links for information on the following:










  • Exhibit of Members' Arrangements



    Every year, typically at the beginning of February, the Naples Ikebana Chapter holds an exhibit in Kapnick Hall of the Naples Botanical Garden. Members from all four of the schools of ikebana represented in the chapter create special arrangements for the exhibit. The miniature designs are also always popular with visitors.


    This year's exhibit will be held on

    February 10-12, 2023

    The theme to be announced


    In addition to the floral displays there are demonstrations on the Performance Lawn, informational materials, children's eand a ginza -- an opportunity for visitors to purchase beautiful vases and other materials needed to complete ikebana arrangements.


    Members wearing traditional Japanese kimonos act as docents and provide guests with information about the various schools.


    This is a wonderful event for the entire family and your guests. Entrance to the exhibit is free, but you will have to pay an entrance fee to enter the Naples Botanical Garden unless you are already a member of the Garden or Ikebana Naples.





  • Virtual Exhibit of Members' Arrangements

    In 2021, due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona Virus, the Naples Ikebana Chapter was unable to hold its traditional exhibit at the Naples Botanical Garden. Instead members made arrangements at home and submitted the photographs to the chapter. A video was compiled and shown in the Kapnick Hall of the Naples Botanical Garden, complemented by informational posters and live arrangements representing our schools. We hope you experience the beauty and tranquility of ikebana arrangements as you view Serenity in Bloom.


    Click to view 2021 Virtual Exhibit

    Use your computer's keys to adjust volume of background music

  • Ikebana Naples Luncheon


    Guests are welcome at our Ikebana Naples Luncheon held at Those who attend this event will enjoy a demonstration by an Ikenobo sensei as well as a silent auction of beautiful floral containers and arrangements, table centerpieces by our members, a delicious luncheon, and an opportunity to visit with friends and members who share the love of ikebana. We will also have a sale by Kimiko Ikeda, a Florida potter who designs unique, stunning ceramic containers to grace your home.











    Ohara...........Kaoru Sweet



  • Schools and Lessons

    We are fortunate to have four schools of ikebana that we study in the Ikebana Naples Chapter. Each has its own distinct characteristics but all embody the simplicity and elegance of ikebana arrangements.

    Ikenobo............ Marcia Norberg

    This section provides an explanation of each school and offers information about private and group lessons that are offered.

    You do not have to be a member of I.I. #160 to take lessons, but you do have to be a member to participate in our exhibit.


    The Ikenobo school of ikebana uses the phrase, “Origin of Ikebana” because it was the original “school” of ikebana. This school has evolved significantly over 555 years. The current headmaster, Sen’ei Ikenobo is the 45th headmaster and his daughter, Senko Ikenobo, is the headmaster designate.


    The Ikenobo school of ikebana has styles of arranging that are complex and simple at the same time and all reflect an understanding and great appreciation of nature.


    The Ikenobo School offers two lessons per month from November through April. Until further notice all Ikenobo lessons will be via Zoom. Below are some arrangements by our two sensei (teachers), Stephanie English and Marcia Norberg.

    Ikenobo Arrangements by Stephanie English

    Click on each photo to enlarge it.

    Ikenobo arrangements by Marcia Norberg

    Click on each photo to enlarge it.

    Kado Sensho Ikenobo

    The Kado Sensho Ikenobo school was opened in mid 1900’s. Kado is used instead of Ikebana because it refers not only to the beauty of the flowers but also requires manners, techniques, mental and physical training. It is considered to be one of the "ways" of Japanese beliefs.


    The designs of Kado are therefore referred to as "Ikebana Flower Arranging" and specialists of the ways of the Kado are called "Kado-ka" meaning flower masters. Kado Sensho Ikenobo prides itself in creativity and the use of only plant material in the designs. We are one with nature!


    Click here for more formation about Kado Sensho Ikenobo.

    Kado Sensho Ikenobo.........Margy Metzler

    Margy Metzler is the sensei for the Kado Sensho Ikenobo school. She offers zoom and in person lessons as well as demonstrations. Below are some of Margy's arrangements.

    Click here to learn about Margy and her lessons.

    Kado Sensho Arrangements by Margy Metzler

    Click on each photo to enlarge it.



    Unshin Ohara founded Ohara School of Ikebana in 1895. He strove to express the distinctive beauty of natural scenery of the four seasons. It's very important to use the seasonal floral materials (e.g. cherry blossoms in spring, Japanese iris in summer) even though many flowers are available all year long nowadays. Knowledge of the environment and natural growth characteristics are essential.

    In the beginning of the 19th century, Japan opened its doors to the outside world for the first time in 250 years. Many new floral materials from the West flooded into the country, and Unshin Ohara came up with the new styles of Ikebana, which use a low, wide bowl with kenzan (a needle-point flower holder) called Moribana (which literally means "piled up flowers"). This innovation is universally recognized as the birth of modern Ikebana.

    Ohara............Goldie Wetcher


    By using only natural materials such as branches, leaves, flowers and berries, arrangements recreate traditional landscaping or sometimes contemporary styles. Vases are basic but versatile tall vases and low bowls.


    Click here for more information about Ohara


    Kaoru Miyagi Sweet offers lessons in the Ohara school of Ikebana.

    Click here to learn more about Kaoru and her lessons.

    Click here for the registration form for Kaoru's lessons.


    Ohara arrangements by Kaoru Sweet

    Click on each photo to enlarge it.

  • Sogetsu............June Rickard



    In 1927, when everybody believed practicing ikebana meant following established forms, Sofu Teshigahara recognized ikebana as a creative art and founded the Sogetsu School.


    Anyone can enjoy Sogetsu ikebana anytime, anywhere, using any material. You can place Sogetsu ikebana at your door, in your living room or on your kitchen table


    Sogetsu ikebana enhances any hotel lobby or banquet room, shop windows and huge public spaces. It will suit any kind of space, Japanese or Western, and enrich its atmosphere.


    For more information click on Sogetsu.


    We have three members who teach Sogetsu in the Naples area

    • Carol Brocklesby
    • Loris Dallal
    • June Rickard 

    To reach any of these sensei (teachers) email us Ikebananaples@gmail.com and we will forward your request to the respective sensei who will contact you.


    For a list of lessons by Carol Brocklesby click Here


    Below are photographs of arrangements by each of the sensei in the Sogetsu School.

    Sogetsu............Carol Brocklesby

    Click on each photo to enlarge it..

    Sogetsu............Loris Dallal

    Click on each photo to enlarge it..

    Sogetsu............June Rickard

    Click on each photo to enlarge it..
  • Resources and Links


    There are numerous websites and newsletters that offer opportunities to learn about Ikebana as well as Japanese crafts and customs. Also, sister chapters throughout the world have articles exploring schools and other information. Here is a partial list of resources available.

    Sogetsu..........Loris Dallal








    NEWSLETTER CONSULATE GENERAL OF JAPAN IN MIAMI – This newsletter contains lots of great information about Japanese culture and Japanese activities taking place in Japan and in Florida.




    If you are traveling, you are always welcome at a local Ikebana chapter. For chapters elsewhere throughout North & Central America, and their program information click here.

    For Ikebana International headquarters and a complete listing of chapters around the world– click here


    THE IWAYA FUND – how you can help

    The Iwaya fund is an important charitable organization benefitting Ikebana chapters and individual Ikebana school chapters as well. Please click here to learn more about how you can benefit Ikebana and even your own chapter with a tax deductible donation.